Feature articles

The following are some of the recent highlights of feature articles which have appeared in print and online. They are also accompanied in most cases by Daire's own photography. 


terrorist: Beyond the label

Three terrorists stand before me. This title given to them by a world beyond their control, but a title, which nonetheless could legitimise their murder. One of them is leaning on a crutch, his right leg raised limply off the ground. They are young, no more than 18. Absent are the checkered scarves and black robes, traded instead for winter jackets, dark jeans and spotless white runners.

along the ganges: life, death and rebirth

Devansh locks his elbow and throws up his left hand. “I wash myself in the Ganges every morning. No soap or chemicals, just the holy water. I haven’t used soap in 12 years, but smell, no scent. The river takes care of me.”


In transit: Europe's new refugee borders

‘It’s been 72 hours since we rested, before this only buses, trains and walking’, Omar states, weary eyes blinking out from beneath his hood. Wet snow gently falls from a grey sky, the first of the season, only adding to the depressing atmosphere. Behind Omar, lie hundreds of people, Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans.